One on One Coaching

Want to get in shape
and have fun?

Via Zoom or in-person in the Oakland, CA area, these personal training sessions take your commitment to the next level. With personally tailored workouts and daily motivation you are UNSTOPPABLE. We can train with whatever frequency to enable you to reach your goals. From three times a week, to once a month – we’ll tailor your package to make sure you feel great at your friend’s wedding/strong for your 5k/comfortably wear the jeans you’ve wanted to wear for years.

These Unique to You offerings bring accountability, empowerment, and movement options that get you excited to get moving!

Your personal sessions can include yoga, HIIT, stretching, cardio, whatever your body needs! I check in with you the day of our session and create a custom experience based on your feedback.

Check out some of the sample plans below that current clients are LOVING!

This is the best I’ve felt ALL DAY!

One on One Sample Plans

45-Minute Session



In-person at Lake Merritt, Oakland OR via Zoom


Discounted package rates at five, ten and 15 session levels


Free session with the 15 session package!

60-Minute Session



In-person at Lake Merritt, Oakland OR via Zoom


Discounted package rates at five, ten and 15 session levels


Free session with the 15 session package!

3-month Back-on-Track



60-minute initial Zoom intake and 2-week plan setting


30-minute weekly Zoom one-on-one movement sessions (12 total)


30-minute check-in every two weeks to go over what worked/what didn't work and get the next two weeks planned


Daily text/voice memo check-in to make sure you're on track with your weekly movement "containers" and goals


Access to all Disco Ballers classes and private YouTube library of recordings

Requires 3-month commitment

Ready to have fun, get fit and feel better?

Disco Wellness Four Pillars


You’ve tried the gym, but it doesn’t work for you. Don’t beat yourself up if you never make it there—your time is precious, and you need to maximize it.

Get moving in the comfort of your own home. Let's meet where YOU are and bring the fun and fitness to you!

Meditation & Mindset

You don’t have to do this alone anymore. Get the support you need–let someone else be the guiding voice in your head until you’re ready to take over.

Learn to meditate effectively and find yourself with a completely new outlook!


You’ve endured years of psychological harm from Diet Culture–change your relationships with food through mindful connection and easy prep strategies.

By channelling awareness and connecting to your food, you actually absorb more nutrients and learn to fuel up instead of fill up!

Creative Expression

You are a selfless, loving, passionate person who puts everyone else first–take this time to express yourself through movement and find the joy that inspires you to feel fierce, fabulous, and fit.

This is a judgement-free zone (and yes, that includes judgement of yourself)!


“Amy is high energy, well experienced in exercise and life, warm, humble, strong. She'll get the good stuff moving within you and the bad stuff moving out of you”

Lesley Z, Disco Baller, group exercise participant

“I have not only reached personal goals with Amy’s coaching, but I am continuously working towards NEW GOALS with her support, guidance, and love! ...she knows her stuff!”

Katelyn M., Mindset Coaching Client and Disco Baller, group exercise participant

“Amy is a knowledgeable, fun, and motivating trainer! She always provides great music and a fun time, all while working out and getting fit!”

Kristi G, corporate client, group exercise participant, busy mom and successful career woman

One on One Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have any equipment to work out with at home?

No problem! We can use bodyweight only to begin, and I will offer suggestions for equipment to purchase based on how much you want to invest. If we are training outside at Lake Merritt, I will bring equipment, mats, and music!

What if I've never worked with a trainer before?

That’s something to celebrate! We’ll have a 30 minute intake to see where you’re at on your fitness journey and where you want to go so we can develop a plan of action. Our first movement session will include basic physical assessments and a check-in on any surgeries, injuries, or health conditions to be considered in your program. From there, we start having FUN getting to know what your body likes and needs!

What if I don't want to commit to a lifetime of personal training?

I will meet you where you’re at, and we come up with a commitment that works for you. I want you to become your own biggest fan and leave our time together feeling empowered, strong, and connected to your body. When you are ready to fly on your own, I’ll celebrate with you! I’m on your team and am always here for consultations and further training when you need it.

What if I have limitations or injuries?

My approach to fitness is that we are working from exactly where you are, without judgement! Given my personal history of recovery from major physical trauma, I will guide you to be curious and communicative about what your body is feeling, and will give you modifications as needed. As a trained and practicing yoga instructor, I use my knowledge of anatomy to inform our sessions as well. My unique coaching approach is a mix of extreme lived experiences, years of group and individual training, and professional studies/credentials.

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