My Journey

As a 213 pound 13-year-old, trauma to my joints had me on crutches for over a year, then in a wheelchair. While I didn’t realize it at the time, I had been using sugar as a way to self-medicate to soothe the pain. My doctors didn’t have answers for when the discomfort would end, so I took matters into my own hands. I threw down my crutches and began a new life with the power of Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies and Deal-A-Meal.

I knew I needed to move my body and develop a new relationship with food in order to change my life.

At age 22, I was riding my bicycle in San Francisco and BAM! An 18-wheeler knocks me off my bike, runs over me, and keeps going.  And I thought THAT was a crazy story to tell…

Three years later (on the same day of the year!) I was nearly killed by a drunk driver while riding my bike in SF.

I was determined to return to a life of movement that I loved!

Building off the skills I learned during the wheelchair days to heal myself, I was able to make my way back onto the bike pedals, my yoga mat, and the dance floor!

I can show you how to fall in love with movement and reap the benefits it brings to life: better sleep, lower stress, better connections with others, better memory retention, confidence, good posture, improved sex life : ) to name a few.

As a NASM certified Personal Trainer, certified Yoga Instructor (200 RYT), group exercise instructor, certified Health Coach and Mindset Coach I bring professional credentials to the table as well as my unique life experiences.

It is my mission to help you fall in LOVE with moving your body no matter where you’re starting from!

I was determined to return to a life of movement that I loved!

Let’s get you moving and have some fun!

My Approach

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be! I will meet you where you’re at and help you identify where you want to go. Together, we will come up with a plan that works for your goals and schedule.

We will find movement that brings you joy, movement that you will CRAVE and fall in love with! Instead of Move it or Lose it…I will empower you to MOVE IT AND LOVE IT!

Speaking of empowerment, I want you to get back on track and take the reins! Get ready  to become your own best coach and pep squad! We will embed the love of movement, the benefits of nutritious (easily prepped) meals, and create your personal toolbox of go-tos for when life inevitably throws challenges your way. 

As the Comeback Queen, I want to share my crown with YOU by guiding you to create the strength, confidence, and health you deserve.

Let’s design your comeback story!


“Amy is high energy, well experienced in exercise and life, warm, humble, strong. She'll get the good stuff moving within you and the bad stuff moving out of you”

Lesley Z, Disco Baller, group exercise participant

“I have not only reached personal goals with Amy’s coaching, but I am continuously working towards NEW GOALS with her support, guidance, and love! ...she knows her stuff!”

Katelyn M., Mindset Coaching Client and Disco Baller, group exercise participant

“Amy is a knowledgeable, fun, and motivating trainer! She always provides great music and a fun time, all while working out and getting fit!”

Kristi G, corporate client, group exercise participant, busy mom and successful career woman


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