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Weekly LIVE 45-minute Zoom classes (cameras optional!). PLUS access to almost 50 full workouts and mini Disco-bites for when you’re pressed for time.

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Take your fitness commitment to the next level and learn to rewire your habits for good. You aren’t just someone who works out. You’re a fit person who loves yourself!

Wanna have fun, get fit and feel better?


Your Menopause Fitness Specialist

You have heavy physical barriers to bust through and you can do it! I know because I’ve overcome impossible odds, too.

As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200), Group Exercise Instructor, and Certified Health Coach, I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you.

You crave that momentum to MOVE! All you need to do now is show up with that beautiful, bold attitude and I’ll give you the fitness solutions you need to transform your life, forever!


Meditation &




“Amy is high energy, well experienced in exercise and life, warm, humble, strong. She'll get the good stuff moving within you and the bad stuff moving out of you”

Lesley Z, Disco Baller, group exercise participant

“I have not only reached personal goals with Amy’s coaching, but I am continuously working towards NEW GOALS with her support, guidance, and love! ...she knows her stuff!”

Katelyn M., Mindset Coaching Client and Disco Baller, group exercise participant

“Amy is a knowledgeable, fun, and motivating trainer! She always provides great music and a fun time, all while working out and getting fit!”

Kristi G, corporate client, group exercise participant, busy mom and successful career woman


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