The Almighty Balancer

image of healthy salad

I call this cleansing salad: The Almighty Balancer.  😉  After any indulgences (food, sugar, alcohol) this little jam will clean ya right up! Radishes, carrots, parsley, kale, purple cabbage: topped with rice wine vinegar, Japanese mixed spice blend called gomasio, and a little salt! It’s a liver kickstarter, digestive mega-star. Super simple, super cleansing, crunchy, fresh and fabulous!

Are you ready? It’s so easy! You can make a bunch and store in an airtight container in your fridge for up to a week for cleansing on-demand:

finely chop:
1/2 small purple cabbage
1 bunch curly or dino kale
1/2 bunch parsley (try to get mostly leaves, less on the stems)
4-6 medium sized radishes (explore different types, watermelon radishes are my fave!)
2-3 large carrots

Put all those lovely chopped veggies into a big bowl so you have room to add seasonings, vinegar and stir!

toss in:
1/3 cup rice wine vinegar
salt to taste
1 tbls lemon juice (optional)
1-2 tbls gomasio (Eden Organics is my fave)

Mix it up and enjoy AFTER a meal! It’s always best to send the raw veggies and vinegar down after the meal as your personal clean-up crew. Eat the hard-to-digest meats and grains first so they get the full effect of your stomach acids.



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